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The XII Travelers

Established by the Tom Lea Institute in 2011, the Society of the XII Travelers is comprised of the first twelve $100,000 donors to the Tom Lea Institute. The XII Travelers takes its name from the 1946 publication. 

Calendar of XII Travelers Through the Pass of the North, written and illustrated by Tom Lea, identifies significant figures in the history of the Southwest. The $1.25-million endowment will provide a percentage of the annual operating costs of the Tom Lea Institute.


Alvar Nuñez Cabeza
de Vaca Travelers

J.P. & Mary Jon Bryan, Houston

2. Fray Agustin Rodriguez.jpg

Fray Agustin Rodriguez Traveler

Betty Ruth Wakefield Haley,
El Paso

3. Antonio de Espejo.jpg

Don Antonio de Espejo

George W. & Laura Bush, Dallas


Gaspar Castaño de Sosa Travelers

Jack* & Evonne* Cardwell,

El Paso

5. Juan de Oñate.jpg

Juan de Oñate

Woody & Gayle Hunt,  
El Paso

6. Garcia de San Francisco.jpg

Fray Garcia de San Francisco Travelers

Dee & Adair Margo
El Paso

7. Diego de Vargas Zapata Lujan Ponce de

Don Diego de Vargas Travelers

Rick & Ginger Francis,
El Paso

8. Maj. Zebulon M. Pike U.S.A..jpg

Maj. Zebulon Pike

Paul & Alejandra de la Vega Foster, 

El Paso

9. Juan Maria Ponce de Leon.jpg

Juan María Ponce de León Travelers

Allen & Rikki Gilmer in memory
of Jerry D. Gilmer*


10. James Magoffin.jpg

James Magoffin


Kelsey Gray,

MD , Roanoke, VA.

Katelyn Gray, 

PMHNP, Denver, CO

11. Alexander Doniphan.jpg

Alexander Doniphan

Isha R. & Steve Santamaria,

in memory of Dede Rogers*

El Paso

12. Big Foot Wallace.jpg

Big Foot Wallace Travelers

Bill* & Ann Kiely

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