Tom Lea Month 2020
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Each year, the Tom Lea Institute works hard to bring fun and interesting events to life for the community and those along the Tom Lea Trail- all centered around a central theme inspired by Tom Lea and his works. 


From tours, classes, painting parties, date nights, and so much more, we pack out the month of October and beyond with events for individuals and families to choose from and enjoy. Our partners include museums, trails, local, national businesses, and individuals who have inspired us or share our vision to impact our neighborhood and world. 

Please read more about our 2020 events below, we hope you register so we get to see you (online or in-person) soon! 

We are always interested in hearing ideas on potential collaborations or events. Please reach out to our Marketing and Events manager if you would like to share your thoughts and ideas at or at 915-533-0048.


past brochures HERE

become a sponsor

We invite you to be a part of sponsorship and marketing opportunities for Tom Lea Month 2020.

Build brand loyalty, attract new customers, preserve iconic art in the region, and transmit pride of place to the next generation. 

We rely on grants and donors just like you to keep the mission of the Tom Lea Institute alive, thank you in advance for your support and providence! 

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thanks to Tom Lea month 2019 sponsors