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Pass of the North
  • Pass of the North


    Pass of the North, Mural, 1938, Oil on canvas, 11 x 54 feet U.S. Courthouse, El Paso, Texas

    Lithographs measure 14” x 39”, which includes 4″ of white border around image area.

    Limited edition of 400 prints. 399 in stock

    “I hold two hopes for this work just completed. One, that it may bring to life in a few minds that vivid history of the Pass of the North. And the other, that the point of view I have taken as a creative artist may help to demonstrate that the function of a mural painting in a community is to deepen and to enrich a people’s perception of its own tradition and the character of its own land.”
    – Tom Lea, El Paso Herald Post. June 24, 1938.

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