The Two Thousand Yard Stare

The Two Thousand Yard Stare


The Two Thousand Yard Stare:  Tom Lea's World War II

(Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series)

By Tom Lea (author), Brendan M. Greeley Jr. (Editor)


Few artists saw World War II from as many perspectives as El Paso artist and writer Tom Lea, who was ommissioned by LIFE magazine to paint the war as it was being experienced by U.S. and Allied troops. 

In The Two Thousand Yard Stare, Brendan M. Greeley Jr. has collected virtually all of Tom Lea’s firsthand written accounts of his assignments for Life, including a previously unpublished diary and letters to fellow Texas writer J. Frank Dobie, along with Lea’s powerful sketches and unforgettable paintings. Greeley places them in context, along with photographs and informative details on the people, places, and wartime events encountered by Tom Lea. 
Thoroughly documented and filled with telling illustrations, this book will leave a stunning impression on those interested in the realistic depiction of war, in both images and words. Also a must-read for students, scholars, and collectors of Tom Lea’s work, The Two Thousand Yard Stare brilliantly captures the artistic skills and spirit of one of America’s most compelling painters and writers.